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Does anyone feel compelled to make sassy faces when singing along to Shake it Off by Taylor Swift?

Cos I just noticed that my eight and eleven year old nieces were working it while driving around this morning and maybe I was kind of doing the same too 😐

Saw Ed Sheeran in Chicago tonight with a childhood friend, OMG!!!!!

I am beyond happy I went.
He is so perfect.
The way he commands attention is insane.
He owned that crowd from beginning to end.
I’m sooooooo happy I’ve seen him.

I seriously enjoyed him as much as The Sounds and Vampire Weekend.

Today she walked in from her doctor’s appointment and casually said to me, “It’s back.”
Can’t explain how sick I felt after hearing that.
Wanting to scream too.

"It’s back," was something we didn’t hear for 8 years.
Now it’s all we’ll think about until it turns into, “I beat it. Again.”